The Gathering Place features a ballroom, The Patuxent Grand, which accommodates up to 280 people banquet style for special events, weddings, parties, workshops, meetings, as well as breakout rooms, depending on your needs and number of guests. Seating and rates are as follows:


THE PATUXENT GRAND  (Main Ballroom - Seats 280 banquet; 400 theatre)

Monday - Friday (Daytime, until 5pm): $700.00
Monday - Wednesday (Evening, after 5pm): $900.00

Thursday (Evening, after 5pm):  $1000.00
Friday (Evening, after 4pm): $1600.00
Saturday (Evening, after 4pm): $2500.00
Sunday (After 7pm): $1300.00

Sunday (Holiday weekends after 7pm):  $1500.00
Additional Hour: $100.00 (up to 4 hours)


As optional add-ons to our Patuxent Grand:

POTOMAC ROOM (Lower Level - Seats 100 banquet; 175 theatre)

Monday - Friday (Daytime, until 5pm): $400.00
Monday - Thursday (Evening, after 5pm): $600.00 (Not available)
Friday (Evening, after 4pm): $700.00 (Not available)
Saturday (Daytime, until 4pm): $500.00 (Not available)
Saturday (Evening, after 4pm): $900.00 (Not available)

Additional Hour: $100.00 (up to 4 hours)


PATAPSCO ROOM (Lower Level - Seats 60 banquet; 100 theatre)

Monday - Friday (Daytime, until 5pm): $200.00
Monday - Thursday (Evening, after 5pm): $400.00 (Not available)
Friday (Evening, after 4pm): $500.00 (Not available)
Saturday (Daytime, until 4pm): $400.00 (Not available)
Saturday (Evening, after 4pm): $600.00 (Not available)

Additional Hour: $50.00 (up to 4 hours)


In addition to our meeting rooms, The Gathering Place has several classrooms available for long-term rental or as possible breakout rooms when renting our ballroom, The Patuxent Grand. Email us with the times and days, as well as the number of people you need to accommodate, and we'll get back to you.

Note:  Rates are subject to change.